Get more out of the data you have, and find the missing links you don't.

Existing Datasets

Modular collection components allows you to make use of the data that you already have. Simply point us to your shared drive and our platform will ingest each file, organize them, and extract useful data from them.

Open Source Intelligence

Our platform also includes a fleet of collection modules that allow you to gather unprecedented amounts of open-source intelligence (O.S.I.N.T.) from a wide and ever-growing set of data sources.

From social media, to government records, odds are you are missing key data that would assist your investigative personnel.


Encryption, robust logging, and advanced authorization models ensure that your data is protected from both external internal threats.


Encryption at rest and in-transit ensures that your data is protected not only from external threats, but also from existing intrusions into your network.


Robust audit logs and custom-defined archival, minimization tools, deep storage, and purging allow you to ensure that you remain in compliance with external and internal policies and guidelines.


Robust logging and event tracking ensure that you always know which individuals accessed data and modified enrichment products. Our data model ensures that you can always roll back any piece of data to a previous state or view every modification made to it from the time of its creation.

Granular access controls give you the ability to ensure least privilege, separation of duties, and all many user data access best practices.


Use the data you already have more efficiently and find the missing links you don't yet have.

Enrichments powered by A.I.

Our platform uses a robust pipeline of machine learning algorithms to organize and enhance data within the platform. Categorization and organization, connections and relationships, as well as extrapolation and predictions ensure that your investigative teams are able to get the most out of your data.

Intuitive, simple, and deep user interfaces

We firmly believe that the user interface (U.I.) is one of the most important pieces of any software. Ironically, the U.I. is even more important in this sector than in others: often a good U.I. can mean the difference between life and death.

We take a particular approach to U.I. design: simple but deep. "Simple" means that most common tasks require a maximum of two clicks, and leads to a clean and seemingly-minimalist U.I. In contrast, "deep" means that it is easy to "dive down" into the platform to accomplish extremely specific and complex tasks.

This approach accomodates both power-users and first-timers and provides a low learning curve to users.